Money in the Trough – Buying Income – March 2017

With the month half over, it is time to start doing some work and start buying income from the best dividend values that I could find.  The trouble is, its not easy when pretty much everything is super expensive.  Below are the best dividend deals I jumped on this month (one of them being a [...]

Income from Dividends & Net Worth Report – February 2017

February's income from dividends and net worth were on fire... in a good way!  This big, bull market continues to grow by leaps and bounds and taking my net worth with it.  However, it's making it increasingly difficult to find good values and caused me (that's my excuse anyway) to miss [...]

Building Dividend Income & Net Worth Report – January 2017

As I'm sure you've noticed, building dividend income monthly is a very important event for dividend growth investors. That's why you see us all post our dividend income reports habitually. This month was a success with regards to building dividend income but disappointing as I've done a poor job winding in expenses [...]

Money in the Trough – Buying Dividends – January 2017

As a dividend growth investor, i'm constantly buying dividends for future income.  While i'm not exactly thrilled with the prices I'm paying right now to be buying dividends stocks, I doing the best with what I've got. It's not an easy task to continue to diversify my dividend portfolio (at decent [...]

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