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Money in the Trough – Dividend Stocks I’m Buying – November 2016

As a dividend growth investor, I'm always thinking about which dividend stocks to buy and subsequently, buying when I can.  Below is the small list of stocks that I've purchased this November.  As you can see, I haven't been doing a whole lot of dividend stock buying the last few weeks. [...]

Dividend Income Investing and Net Worth Report – October 2016

October was a scary month with regards to my dividend income investing and net worth.  Dividend income dropped considerably from last month but was up a bunch over last year.  There was a spooky development with my net worth. Coming off of September's dividend income report, this month looks very [...]

Money in the Trough – Dividend Growth Stocks Purchased October 2016

Nobody ever said being a dividend growth investor was easy.  Frankly, I have to constantly remind myself, that the sea of red in my dividend portfolio isn't important.  The thing that matters is that my dividend income is consistently rising through my new buys and company yearly dividend increases. Below are my [...]

The State of the Dollar: Room for Concern or Time to Buy?

2016 has proven to be a tumultuous year in terms of the political stage and the markets. Whether referring to the weakness of the ECC, the Brexit vote or uncertainty in regards to the United States economy, there is no doubt that this time period will be scrutinized well into [...]

Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – September 2016

What a great month! Not only does September feature "Talk like a Pirate Day" but my passive dividend income and net worth were incredible this September. I'm so excited to share this months success. As we all know, dividend growth investing is a long term game.  Unfortunately, long timelines can make it [...]

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