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It’s a New Dawn for Dividends in the Financial Sector

Supercharged by prospects of a regulation rollback under the new administration and higher interest rates, the financial sector has been on fire since the November election. In a sharp turnabout from more than a year in the doldrums, financial stocks have surged more than 15% since Election Day as compared [...]

Money in the Trough – Buying Dividends – January 2017

As a dividend growth investor, i'm constantly buying dividends for future income.  While i'm not exactly thrilled with the prices I'm paying right now to be buying dividends stocks, I doing the best with what I've got. It's not an easy task to continue to diversify my dividend portfolio (at decent [...]

Passive Income Dividend Investing & Net Worth Report – December 2016

December's passive income dividend investing was practically a Christmas Miracle.  This is the kind of monthly dividend income I needed to end the year and prime the pump for 2017. Santa Pig brought me the best possible present this Christmas - a new monthly record for dividend income!  Before I [...]

Dividend Investing Income – November 2016

This month's dividend investing income and net worth report turned out pretty darn yummy.  I had some decent dividend income growth and net worth (even with cash declining substantially). Could have been a lot worse! November was a pretty good month for dividend income!  Obviously not enough to retire on, [...]

Dividend Stocks that are Interest Rate Sensitive are Underperforming

Dividend stocks which are tied to interest rates have been trading under pressure in the U.S. despite a rally in the broader U.S. markets.  Interest rate sensitive stocks such as Utilities and Real-estate Investment Trusts (REITs), are declining so their yields can compete with treasury yields.  In the week during [...]

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