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Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – September 2016

What a great month! Not only does September feature "Talk like a Pirate Day" but my passive dividend income and net worth were incredible this September. I'm so excited to share this months success. As we all know, dividend growth investing is a long term game.  Unfortunately, long timelines can make it [...]

Money in the Trough – Dividend Growth Stocks Purchases – September 2016

This month's slight pull back gave me the opportunity to add a few new dividend growth stocks to the portfolio.  As a dividend income investor I seek to add stocks that I believe will continue to grow their dividend yearly.  These purchases are just that, some long-term holds that I believe will [...]

Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – August 2016

August's dividend income was a crack over the fence home run!  Unfortunately, net worth was more of a pop-up fly.   You may have noticed this month's report is a little late.  I was traveling for work the last week and didn't have access to my computer... which is one of the [...]

Cricket Wireless Review

While my favorite topic is dividend investing, I also like to share ideas/experiences/products that help me save money so I can use that saved money on investing in more dividend growth stocks.  My Cricket Wireless review is just that, a product that can save you a ton of money and [...]

Money in the Trough – August 2016 Buys

This month's purchases have been solid, long-term dividend growth stocks that we all know, trust and love.  I'm once again, having a rough time finding values in the stocks I want to own (or want to own more of at these prices).  So, here is the best of what I [...]

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