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20 Non-Financial Common Stocks Yielding Over 4%

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In today’s low interest environment, with investors searching high and low for safe and stable cash returns, a high yielding stock can be a great addition to a portfolio – especially a common stock, since it receives favorable dividend taxation and the possibility of capital growth going forward.

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  1. Gary from Spokane

    Dude, GREAT article. There are deff some solid companies to look into. Might I add 2 more? If you still believe in their business model, with or without T-Moble, AT&T (T) is currently yielding at or around 6%. Another company to look into is Pitney Bowes (PBI). They have had some issues in the past, but have always kept a decent yield. They are in the middle of transitioning their business plan and scope which looks like they know in what direction they want to go now. They have a current yield of 7.5%. PBI will take a little faith and a lot of research to get into.

    • I always welcome more leads to great, high yielding companies!

      I am familiar with all of those, but have not done any analysis. PBI has a high yield, but in what many field are a dying industry – I would really have to believe they have a way out before I buy in, even at that great yield!

      thanks Gary!

    • Telcos are great cash generators. ^^

      People just cannot live without their smartphones, iPhones, cable and broadband.

  2. I’m also thinking about adding a few of these to my Roth. If I was going to go the telecom route, it would probably be VOD.

  3. I now have a long list of strong companies to choose from. Thank you for the information. I like RPM but a bit disappointed that it is only getting minimum exposure.

  4. Celestine

    This is a great post!I was amaze the quality and number of more companies!

  5. I always like the Energy sector…what about SDRL? Good company, makes lots of money and is the center of the ever expanding off shore drilling. Love that oil. Oh and a current yield of over 10%, very nice 🙂