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5 Ways To Overcome Your Fears Of Investing

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Investing in the stock market isn’t for everybody. There are risks involved, and if you aren’t in a decent financial position before investing, it’s right that fear should play a part. You don’t want to run the risk of financial difficulty, after all.

However, it is possible to reduce risk, and assuming you aren’t beholden to debt, you shouldn’t let fear take too great a hold on you if you are considering making an investment.

Here are five ways to overcome your fear of investing.

  • Understand your goals

Look at your motivation for investing. While ‘getting rich quick’ is the common one – though not the most practical – there may be other reasons. It may be to secure financial independence before retirement. Or you may want to leave a nest egg for your kids. Whatever the reason, let the motivating factor take priority over your fear, as you may never achieve your financial goals if you don’t take a few risks.

  • Educate yourself

You don’t need to stumble into the world of investment blindly. Gain knowledge; reading books on the subject, subscribing to YouTube videos with tips for beginners, and by speaking to those you know who already invest. We also recommend the tools provided by CMC Markets. With their handy demo tool for new investors, you can get a feel of the process before laying down any money. With knowledge, you will be able to make smarter decisions when you eventually take steps into the stock market.

  • Start small

You don’t need to lay down a fortune at the very beginning. While you are still learning, put down small amounts of money to alleviate the risks to yourself. You will increase your confidence the more you trade, and when you have learned the basics, you will be able to put down larger amounts of money in the future.

  • Have a plan

How much money do you have to invest? What are the returns you are looking for? What is the end game? Have a plan in mind when investing, and you will be able to create a strategy for the way ahead. Knowing your price limits and knowing what you want to achieve will clear your thinking, and should give you added confidence when you finally decide to invest.

  • Jump in!

As with any fear, the only way to overcome it is to take the plunge eventually. If you know what your goals are, and if you have taken steps to educate yourself, some of the risks have been minimised. If you are always sitting on the sidelines afraid to dip your toes into the stock market, you will never overcome your fear, and you will never benefit from the financial rewards now or in the future. Jump in, and with precautions in place, you will find it’s not as complicated and risky as you once thought. And if you don’t like it? Well, at least you gave it a chance.


We all have to start somewhere, and we understand the fears involved at the beginning. However, if you really want to attain your financial goals, procrastination is not going to help. Follow our advice to help you gain confidence, and watch your profits grow as you grow as an investor.


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