How Has Dividend Investing Performed in 2018?

One of the most significant strategies of dividend investing is weighing up the delicate balance of risk against reward. Because most investors are looking for long-term dividend growth, opting for a portfolio biased towards traditionally safe stocks, which have shown years of rising dividend payouts, is preferred. Over time, this [...]

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Inside Big Businesses

Cryptocurrency: it’s becoming such a household name that even your grandparents probably know about it. In fact, they might even have a little tucked away in their digital wallet. ;) In all seriousness, cryptocurrency is enjoying an incredible rise in popularity, but this is not to be confused with a [...]

Investing – The Most Accessible Path To True Wealth

First, let me define how I view “True Wealth”. For me, true wealth is the ability to live your life in anyway you please.  It’s the liberty, purpose and resources to live a fulfilling life with the sense of abundance.  True wealth goes way beyond money, but today I’m going [...]

If I weren’t an Individual Stock Dividend Investor – ETF’s Would be My Game

Forget the stark mad, screaming pundits on financial TV shows squawking about the hottest gainers of the moment. Forget chasing the latest headline capturing investment trend — I’m looking at you Bitcoin. Think your going to make millions playing Rocket League? Forget even the fantasy of cashing in that winning Powerball [...]

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