Money in the Trough: Hunting for Saturated Financial Promotions

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The Dividend Pig New FormatThe Internet is awash with opportunities for massive savings, discounts, and wealth maximization. It is entirely possible to scour the literature in search of profitable opportunities. This is true on loans, credit cards, opening new bank accounts, transferring/receiving money internationally and so forth.

Promotions are typically limited-time offers available to clients who spot them at the right time, at the right place. The average consumer pays so much more than is necessary for everyday financial services such as international money transfers. Why? Because many people continue to use banks as their go-to option instead of non-bank money transfer services.

Promotional opportunities abound, and banks have been put on notice with things like the WorldFirst exchange rate promotion. This particular money transfer promotion has zero fees attached to it. At a traditional bank’s currency transfer department, high exchange rate fees are levied, with additional fees and commissions tacked on to boost the bank’s profits. At the end of the day, clients simply lose out.

Keep That Money Trough Fat

With money transfers, the fees can be so hefty that were a 2-way transaction implemented, clients could lose upwards of 10% of their money to banks alone. Therefore, it behooves folks to conduct as much comparative research as possible to understand which money transfer services are best suited to their needs. Typically, better rates are achieved on money transfers greater than £5,000, but it is still possible to get competitive rates with promotional offers for lesser amounts.

Other issues that determine the costs and timeframe involved in transferring money abroad are the destinations involved. The more exotic the destination, the longer it takes to transfer the money, and the higher the finance charges may be. It may not be common knowledge, but going with the default money transfer option – banks – is a costly mistake. This is especially true when you’re transferring large funds (for example the sale of a property, or repatriation of business profits). It simply makes money sense to have as much cash in the trough as possible. In this vein, hunting for promotional offers simply makes money sense.

Free Trades on the House

For those of you interested in finding a promo code example, you may be interested to know that many financial trading sites offer them too. These include derivatives trading platforms looking to entice new traders. Online trading has gained in popularity in recent years, and there are many competitors in the market. To gain an edge over the competition, and to win traders over in the process, promotional offers are made available.

Naturally, these offers cannot simply be cashed out without certain terms and conditions being followed. These are known as wagering requirements and they range from x30 to x40 depending on the trading site in question. The benefits accrue to traders who get to enjoy a real trading experience without investing real money.

Entertainment options are also available with promotional code offers. These are abundant with social gaming platforms on Facebook and other popular social media sites. For those who have a penchant for skill-based casino games, promotional offers are as readily available as they are in the trading arena. Many of the sites that offer promos to clients are regulated by various authorities such as the FCA, CySEC, MGA, UKGC, Curacao, and others. The quality of a promotional offer is vested in the cost savings it passes on to clients.

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