I Joined The Yakezie Challenge!

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I finally decided to join the Yakezie Challenge! If your not familiar with Yakezie, it’s a personal finance and lifestyle bloggers network, where writers can get together, network, learn, and have some fun.

My alexa rank is currently 424,912, and I’d like to see that drop to 200,000 by summer. I think with the help of the other bloggers and readers out there, I can make it. These are my goals for the next 6 months.

Alexa Rank – < 200,000 Feedburner Subscribers – 200 (currently 93)
Join twitter and actually get some followers!
Visits – 15,000 a month (currently 5,000)

Check back as I will be updating my stats and goals as time goes on. And if you’re not a member, I encourage you to check out Yakezie and join the group!


  1. Welcome and Good Luck! Be active, ask questions, and pace yourself. 🙂 Great subscriber count. What’s your secret?

  2. DivPig,

    Thanks for the info at Yakezie. I’ll look into that too. Have you tried Blogengage.com?

    I just learned about that and haven’t done much with it yet, but its another option. Hopefully I’ll be accepted to the DivNet next month perhaps.

    Take care,