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June Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

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The first half of the year is gone… crazy how quickly time moves these days.  Being a dividend growth investor that tracks everything really does put a daily timestamp on life. It really makes you to see time flying by (or maybe I’m just getting older).

Anyway, this month’s dividend income and net worth report came in strong with another personal best for dividend income.  I broke my records for everything I track – hopefully that will be the name of the game for years to come!

This month's dividend income report is bananas ;)  
This month’s dividend income report is bananas 😉

June Dividend Income

I am super excited to share this months dividend income.  As you know, this is a big payment month… and I have a new record number of companies depositing cash into my account.

This month I received $1,580.20 in dividend income!  On average, I was paid $28.72 from 55 different companies!!  This month’s dividend income is a solid 117.86% increase over June 2107.
That’s $854.85 more dividend income than last June!

Dividend Income - June 2018

Here is a chart of my passive dividend income progress over the last 3 years.

The dividend portfolio has been updated.

This month’s dividend income covers pretty much all my monthly expenses.  I’m only missing a little  – property taxes and insurance!

June Dividend Increases

Here are the realized dividend increases I was awarded this month… a grand total of 13 dividend increases!  Cha ching!

Dividend Increases - June 2018

NameTickerNew DivOld Div% IncreaseEx-DatePayment Date
Phillips 66PSX0.800.7014.29%5/18/186/1/18
W W Grainger IncGWW1.361.286.25%5/11/186/1/18
IBM Common StockIBM1.571.504.67%5/9/186/9/18
Exxon Mobil CorporationXOM0.820.776.49%5/15/186/11/18
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ0.900.847.14%5/25/186/12/18
QUALCOMM, Inc.QCOM0.620.578.77%5/29/186/20/18
Tractor Supply CompanyTSCO0.310.2714.81%5/25/186/12/18
Travelers Companies IncTRV0.770.726.94%5/25/186/12/18
PepsiCo, Inc.PEP0.930.8115.22%5/31/186/29/18
Invesco Ltd.IVZ0.300.293.45%5/10/186/1/18
UNILEVER N.V. Common StockUL0.480.457.57%5/3/186/6/18
UnitedHealth Group IncUNH0.900.7520.00%6/15/186/26/18

2108 Half Year Dividend Income Results

2018 has been an interesting ride.  We’ve seen some volatility in the markets that has given us some opportunities to pickup some decent dividend growth stocks.  Here are the purchases that I’ve made this year.

*The majority of the money for these purchases came from my 401k.  Our plan changed last year which allowed us to manage our own account.

Dividend Income Received in 2018

Net Worth

Net worth continues to grow as I pay down mortgages and invest in the market.

Let’s do the numbers…


Alright, so I finally decided to do something with all that cash from rental property #1 the sale.  Here is the plan, I’m going to keep it in cash.

After looking around, I discovered that there are plenty of online savings accounts with some decent yields (best I could find is 1.85%).  I opened a new online savings account to hold cash for a little while and I’ll keep some powder dry.  While the cash is safe, I am loosing a little to inflation (currently around 2%).  I can deal with that.

Real Estate

Since I won’t be using proceeds from the sale of rental property #1 to pay off my mortgage right now, I’m going to have to keep paying my mortgage monthly.  However, this does enable me to have some striking power if/when I see some rental properties in my area.  I would love a duplex, but I haven’t seen anything affordable in quite some time.  I’ll keep my eyes out for them.

I haven’t heard anything about my property tax dispute.  I guess I should contact the guy I paid to see how things are going.


I couldn’t be more pleased with this month’s dividend income and net worth results.  I seem to be in a decent groove here and I hope this keeps up.  My half year dividend income for 2018 is 196% (almost $4,000) more than last year!  I’m going to keep my investing limited to 2,000 – $3,000 a month (even with that large cash position calling my name).  It’s going to take some real discipline to not just throw it at the market all at one time.


How were your half year results? Are you keeping some cash on the side just in case we see a nice correction?

I'm a dividend growth investor who is aiming to retire early in 4 years at the age of 45. My goal is to live off the income my dividend portfolio and rental property produce exclusively and leave the corporate rat race. I hope you will join me in this journey!


  1. Congrats on the new record and amazing YoY growth! You’re crushing it and no signs of slowing down.

    Like you, I’m keeping a healthy chunk of cash right now. I’ve got about 100k that I had thought about using to pay off our mortgage, which is our only debt. But now I’m planning to hold on, maybe use a little as I see great opportunities but otherwise hold tight with that cash for now.

    • Blake

      Thanks DivvyDad! I agree, nothing wrong with keeping cash handy!

      For me, I did some quick math and realized that my house, as a percentage of my net worth, is nearly 40%. While I would love to eliminate my mortgage (it will feel so good), it’s better to get a bit more diversified.

      If our trade disputes continue, we’ll see some shakeups in the market! Deal will be aplenty as there will be a lot of “babies thrown out with the bathwater” for us to catch 😉

      • Our home is about 20% of our net worth, and as our kids are entering college we are realizing that it is likely that we will move once they are out of the house–which reinforces my decision to keep / invest the cash at this point.

        Our state continues to go the wrong direction with taxes (property, income and sales taxes) plus have shown they cannot budget the money that they do have. My wife and I have both lived here our entire lives, but we are ready to make a change.

        In the meantime we will be waiting to catch those deals when we find them!

        • Blake

          Makes cents 😉 to me! Why tie up the money for a little while if the ultimate goal is just to liquidate it again. Keep it accessible!

          Oh I know how you feel about property taxes. Sounds like you might be up North. In my county, we are also getting hosed. They are trying to raise my property taxes by a little more than $200 a month! It’s crazy!

  2. Well Done Blake. The year-over-year change is awesome. Keep that up and you’ll be done by 40! 🙂 Look forward to following you on your personal finance journey.

    Best wishes and continued success! AFFJ

    • Blake

      Thanks AFFJ! Gosh, I would love to maintain this kind of growth. Sadly, I’ll need to slow down for a little while. Keep up the great work over there! You and your family are doing an wonderful job!

  3. Wow! So much good news here, Blake. I can’t say I’ve seen a dividend report like this… over $1.5K in income while achieving nearly 120% YoY growth at the same time. Then pile on 13 dividend raises… what a month!
    I like your idea of holding the cash as opposed to putting it into the mortgage, especially if the mortgage is almost 40% of your net worth.

    • Blake

      Thanks ED! I am extremely happy with this months results. Hopefully saving the cash for a rainy day will serve me well. Like I said, it will take some great willpower to hold and not invest it immediately!

  4. Hi Blake,

    nice compilation of your monthly dividend income. And congrats for first place in income growth comparing last 12 months to previous 12 months. Your income grew by an incredibly 175%. With this, you even managed to beat me with 144% increase thank to option income. 🙂

    You also managed 4th place in total monthly income for June behind Mr. Take, DivGro and diplomat Lanny.

    Keep on investing like this to make write you another mail next month 🙂


    • Blake

      Hi Torsten! Thank you for the update. Its great to see how we are all shaking the dividend tree for that delicious dividend fruit! 😉

      I’ll try and keep the growth up… it’s been a busy month and I haven’t spent enough time researching. I’ll get back at it!

      Thank you again for maintaining these great stats!