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Smart Money Moves To Make

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Finances have been a difficult, and frustrating topic for far too many people over the past 18 months. If the pandemic has thrown personal economic issues into sharp relief and changed the way you must now approach your money, know that you have choices. You do not have to go without life’s necessities. Instead, review the following options to determine your best course of action.

Sell Your Annuity

You may have decided to purchase your annuity based on long-term goals. You likely intended to use that monthly payment for specific plans or general living expenses. Unfortunately, times change, and emergencies occur. When they do, know that you have the option to sell annuity accounts to get the cash you need when you need it most. There is an immediate convenience available, as well, since you may be eligible for a cash advance on your annuity. Knowing all of your options when you are short on funds will make any stressful situation easier to bear for everyone involved.

Earn Money From Home

The image of someone sitting at home connotes the idea of laziness. It does not have to, however. In today’s economic and work-from-home-friendly climate, options are abundant. If you have a particular skill set such as bookkeeping or mastery in tailoring clothing, you may have found a niche market that you can work in from the comfort of your own home. A little creativity in crafting or a penchant for organizing and scheduling can also bring in money as side gigs for creating needed items and as a virtual assistant. Determine your particular abilities and then begin advertising to bring in some extra cash.

Grow Your Money

Once you get some cash and your affairs in order, it is time to move onto the next step of increasing your funds. Expand your finances by entering into the world of trading. Investing in the stock market and learning about the different types of funds available is one way to get your money back on track. It does come with the potential for risk as the stock market can prove volatile, so always do your due diligence and research stock before you trade.

Track Your Spending

If you have found yourself in a financial conundrum, a good way to get yourself to a better place money-wise is by tracking your finances. Keep a log of both the money coming into your accounts and any spending that takes money out. You can do this in several ways by creating a financial journal where you enter every expense from a morning coffee to your water bill. You might find the process easier by adding an app to your phone where you enter information on the go and make purchases. A third option is to create a custom spreadsheet with columns and headings made specifically for your spending habits.

Here is a helpful tutorial on how to make your own Excel spreadsheet.


Go ahead and peek from behind the financial fence that you have found yourself trapped behind. Take action to make your situation better by choosing to sell annuities for much-needed cash right away. Stay the course on financial responsibility, and it will get better.

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