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Software Updates – Securing your Financial Life

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We have all been annoyed with computer updates from time to time. If you haven’t got them, so they are manual, they can happen at the most inconvenient time. In the middle of Zoom calls, cut your deep work time short, or just as you are setting up your work schedule for the next day.

A nightmare. But software updates are essential to your computer and securing your financial life, and here is why you need them.


The world of software moves fast, which means all the software you use on your computer is updated all the time by developers. And, if your system isn’t up to date, there is a chance that the other software won’t work as well. Newer and older technology doesn’t remain compatible; the software updates on your computer ensure that everything works together correctly.


Incremental improvements, or even large ones, are implemented when you update your computer software. And even though the releases are tested multiple times and go through many different phases before they are rolled out, they usually have a few bugs that need to be fixed.

Minor patches improve the performance of your computer’s hardware and software. Skipping on the small patches or the big updates isn’t a smart move.


Think about all the things you have received, sent, said, saved, and done on your computer in the last few weeks, and the chances are you’d agree that there is a lot there. Passwords, private pictures, financial information, work products, personal projects, and more are stored on your computer and sent to others.

Any time there is a weakness in the software that you are using, threats can get into the system where they are updated.

Your data is at risk of being stolen when your computer isn’t updated.


It’s not just about security and protecting your data; there are a lot of cool features that come with updates. Apple is one of the companies that roll out a lot of features with their updates, new motions, extra screen swiping, and things that make your workflow more comfortable. The bigger updates can get stuck from time to time, but there is usually an easy fix.


People who use shared networks should be extra vigilant with what they do with their devices – including mobile phones and tablets. Any security flaws present the opportunity for malware to get into the system and take control of information. The problem is that most people can’t tell when this happened. This is why implementing the updates is the best thing you can do to prevent data leaks and theft.

Shared networks mean that if one infected device is on it, it is possible that the rest of the devices become vulnerable.

With each update that you get, consider updating your passwords too.

Switch your updates to automatic, and set the time to a time in the week when you aren’t usually working or busy. Early in the morning or late in the evening usually, work best.

An update is just one of the ways that you can securing your financial life and your business from attacks; here are some others: How To Successfully Protect Your SME In 2021 – The Dividend Pig.

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