Dividend Aristocrats


Dividend AristocratsDividends are like the third rail for public companies. Most board members and executives would much rather do something drastic like borrow money instead of reducing their dividend payments to shareholders. So, there is something to be said for dividend aristocrats who continue to raise their dividends year in and year out improving their shareholder’s personal finances.

What Are Dividend Aristocrats?

A dividend aristocrat is a company that has consecutively raised its dividend every year for at least 25 years. The 25 year mark is of increasing dividends every year at least once if not more times within a year is hard to do. Twenty-five years shows consistent dividend growth through all types of bull and bear markets, dips, downturns, and even recessions. Dividend aristocrats have shown investors that they are consistent and growing winners in the stock market that can be trusted.

Dividend aristocrats are often blue chip stocks. These stocks have paid a consistent dividend with solid returns for many years. Many of these stocks have increased their dividends substantially over time, and some of them have even increased their dividends quarterly.

Dividend aristocrats not only pay their dividend, but these are also high growth stocks that have consistently put up good numbers. Imagine realizing a consistent return from growth, even a split, and then turning around to receive a dividend as well.