Warning!!! Cold Stone Creamery Gives Franchisee’s the Cold Shoulder

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I recently posted my analysis of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at seekingalpha.com, and it generated significant criticism on Cold Stone Creamery.

In the article, I wrote about how RMCF had teamed up with the ice cream franchise to co-brand stores. Well, little did I know what a terrible business Cold Stone was, and how badly they treated their franchisee’s.

The piece has produced some very heart-wrenching stories, from people who have lost their shirts in this ice cream ponzi scheme. I suggest anyone with intentions of opening up a Cold Stone, or any franchise for that matter, read these comments, and see what happens when franchising goes terribly wrong.

Read the article here

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  1. Interesting. We had a Cold Stone Creamery open up close to our house a couple of years, and close within the space of a year.

  2. I read the initial article on RMCF and found your analysis quite in-depth and informative. I was likewise appalled at the comments regarding Cold Stone Creamery. I have eaten there a couple times but didn’t find that paying big bucks for ice cream was worth it. Give me a Dairy Queen Blizzard and I am fine with it.