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Weekly Reading Links 2.5.2011

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It’s that time of the week again! Check out these great articles from around the web.

AGL Resources Stock Analysis
Dividend Monk does another great work up, this time of natural gas company AGL Resources. Don’t forget to check out the great posts he has been writing over at SeekingAlpha.com

Becton, Dickinson and Co. Analysis
A Warren Buffett holding, Dividends Value analyzes BDX. I saw Warren recently added to his position in this, so it’s definitely worth a look.

How To Select Dividend Stocks
Dividend Growth Investor explains how he finds great dividend payers.

January Net Worth
I always like to see how people have been successful, as a motivator for myself. Here The Div Guy shows disciplined investing can lead to great wealth over time.

ScotiaBank Analysis
The Dividend Guy loves Canadian banks, and this is one of his holdings.

Robert Shiller Believes Stocks Are Overpriced
Value Walk examines Robert Shiller’s belief the market is over-valued. Any guy who creates his own valuation metric deserves your attention.

Never Pay Full Price
This is actually a guest post on Money Cone, but it’s worth taking a look. I’m new to discount shopping, but the rabbit hole goes very deep here.

Can Start-ups Solve The Youth Unemployment?
The Informed Observer looks at the world’s unemployed youth problem, and the solutions Israel has used to overcome them.

Would You Buy a 100 Year Bond?

The Cost of End of Life Care

The Shadow World of Money Markets

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