About this Blog

So, where did the dividend pig come from?

This all came about unexpectedly when I asked Hank a question on his MoneyQ&A site.  Hank and I spoke a few times and determined that my situation isn’t too terribly unique and many people might benefit from an uncensored look at my financial goals and path.  So, we decided to team up on this blog (a site he already had) and document the journey.

There are quite a few early retirement through passive investment blogs on the internet.  But for me, they are all missing something… none of them had a universal, replicable plan that they were keeping to and many of them were not relevant to my situation.

Many financial blogs fall into a couple of categories:

1.) those who have already retired and are living the high life.
2.) people who are in some serious debt and working their way out.

This blog will be somewhere in the middle.  I’m not super well-off and retired but I do have some assets and debts (darn mortgage).

Actual income and expenses.
To make this site as helpful as possible, I’m going to provide an unrestricted look at my finances.  No fake or hypothetical income, expenses and returns, the real deal.

A real road map.
We have the benefit of working with a real and trained financial mind that will guide and help tweak the plan to achieve early retirement.

Hank, an accomplished and educated financial planner, will provide specific advice and guidance on how to accomplish the ultimate goal, retire in 10 years (age 45).  This will be a glimpse into what it looks like to have the most involved CFP you could imagine.

We will be starting from scratch with a plan that can be followed and replicated.  We’ll show you all the highlights and mistakes (hope there aren’t too many) we make along the way.

We welcome any comments, opinions, suggestions or criticism.  Thank you for taking the time to read and follow my journey to early retirement.