Dividend Growth Investing Strategy – Make More Money…Later

When it comes to choosing a long-term investment strategy, there are no guarantees of success with your first, second, or hundredth attempt. In fact, you’ll likely need to adjust your strategy over time as the markets change and you want to align your portfolio more closely with your ultimate investment [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Dividend Stocks

There are plenty of benefits of investing in dividend stocks, but there’s a common misconception that dividend stocks are too confusing, unpredictable and boring to warrant serious consideration for novice and conservative investors alike. However, research from the Financial Analysts Journal suggests that high dividend-paying stocks are less risky and [...]

Why Dividend Investing and Dividend Stocks?

Dividend investing offers some of the best financial opportunities for new and seasoned investors alike. The proof is in the numbers: according to economic data from 1927 to 2014, growth rates for dividend-paying stocks (10.4%) substantially outperformed non dividend paying stocks (8.5%). If you typically invest in non dividend paying [...]

Interactive Brokers Review

In my Interactive Brokers review, I share my real experience with applying for the account, depositing cash, making trades and my initial opinions of my new broker. Interactive Brokers My new broker for my taxable account is Interactive Brokers (IB), and I’m very excited to have an account with them. If you [...]

Preferred Stock Dividends And Their Role In Your Portfolio

Preferred stock and preferred stock dividends are an interesting investing strategy that can add an element of safety to your stock dividend portfolio. Preferred stock is a share of ownership in a company that is superior in line to common stock. But, preferred stock is inferior to bonds. That simply means [...]

Dividend Investing Psychology – Why I Use Limit Orders

I have a problem with dividend investing, and I doubt that I’m alone.  My problem is that I have a terrible time always thinking I can get a better value on a stock.  In fact, this problem has probably cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. Here is the situation [...]

Understanding Dividend Growth Rate and Dividend Yield of a Stock

I love dividend paying stocks. They pay you to wait on their share prices to grow with dividends. A company’s dividend growth rate is a good proxy for how much their share price should also grow. A company’s share price is the present value of all its future cash flows [...]


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