There are some great blogs out there, but these are the ones I check regularly. I highly recommend you visit them, as they have plenty of good advice for anyone interested in investing and personal finance.

Dividend Stocks (U.S.)


Dividend Growth Stock Investing

Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Growth Stocks

Dividend Ladder

Dividend Monk

Dividend Partisan

Dividends Value

Dynamic Dividend

Dividend Empire

Dividend Emperor

Dividend Driven

Investment Hunting

My Dividend Investing Plan

Millennial Dividends

Mad Cash Lab

Dividend Stocks (Canadian)

My Own Advisor

The Dividend Guy

The Passive Income Earner

Dividend Stocks

Dividend Stock Analysis

iLove Dividends

Investing & Personal Finance

A Wealth of Common Sense

Andrew Hallam

Avrex Money

Canadian MoneySaver


Financial Mentor

ESI Money




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Your Wealth Effect 


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