How I Save $14,000 A Year More Than My Peers – 9 Budget Cuts You Should Make

I have a confession to make. Your good friend, Blake, is thrifty and proud. It’s not my fault. It was the way I was raised. Since I was a baby I would hear my Dad addressing my Mom with his favorite saying, “It doesn’t take a genius to spend it”. [...]

February Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

February was one of the worst months I’ve ever had!  Not because the market pulled back (that was a positive as it gave an opportunity to pick up some better values) but because of my wife’s health problems.  I’m going to briefly address some of health challenges we faced in [...]

Money in the Trough – Investing A LOT in Dividend Stocks – February 2018

You know how some people eat when they get stressed, well, apparently I stress buy dividend stocks!  Once again, because of an EXTREMELY STRESSFUL family emergency, I’m late to post my February dividend stock purchases (we were in the hospital). I have to admit, I didn’t realize I spent this [...]

Investing – The Most Accessible Path To True Wealth

First, let me define how I view “True Wealth”. For me, true wealth is the ability to live your life in anyway you please.  It’s the liberty, purpose and resources to live a fulfilling life with the sense of abundance.  True wealth goes way beyond money, but today I’m going [...]

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