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Money in the Trough – June Dividend Stock Purchases – 2018

Here are the dividend stocks I’ve purchased so far this June. While the totals are a fraction of my buys in February, March, April and May of this year, I’m very happy with the average yield.  I’ve pretty much exhausted all the extra cash I had in my 401k account. [...]

May Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

This month’s dividend income report is a spectacular example of the benefits of dividend investing.  Consistently adding new money every month into fantastic companies that pay cash to hold them is providing the desired effect… a nicely growing dividend income stream. Oh, and net worth also made a big jump in [...]

Money in the Trough – May Dividend Stock Purchases – 2018

This was an exciting month with a load of ups and downs.  It’s nice to see volatility staying in the market allowing us to buy some better values.  Below are the dividend stocks I purchased in May. This month I added almost $550 dollars of forward dividend income.  Not a [...]

Why Dividend Investing and Dividend Stocks?

Dividend investing offers some of the best financial opportunities for new and seasoned investors alike. The proof is in the numbers: according to economic data from 1927 to 2014, growth rates for dividend-paying stocks (10.4%) substantially outperformed non dividend paying stocks (8.5%). If you typically invest in non dividend paying [...]

April Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

This month’s dividend income is a doozy… net worth wasn’t bad either!  Another month has come and gone, again.  Keeping this blog has really put a marker on how quickly life moves.  Apparently, time moves faster as you age. April Dividend Income Let’s get straight to it. This month I [...]

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