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May Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

This month’s dividend income report is a spectacular example of the benefits of dividend investing.  Consistently adding new money every month into fantastic companies that pay cash to hold them is providing the desired effect… a nicely growing dividend income stream. Oh, and net worth also made a big jump in [...]

Money in the Trough – May Dividend Stock Purchases – 2018

This was an exciting month with a load of ups and downs.  It’s nice to see volatility staying in the market allowing us to buy some better values.  Below are the dividend stocks I purchased in May. This month I added almost $550 dollars of forward dividend income.  Not a [...]

Why Dividend Investing and Dividend Stocks?

Dividend investing offers some of the best financial opportunities for new and seasoned investors alike. The proof is in the numbers: according to economic data from 1927 to 2014, growth rates for dividend-paying stocks (10.4%) substantially outperformed non dividend paying stocks (8.5%). If you typically invest in non dividend paying [...]

April Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

This month’s dividend income is a doozy… net worth wasn’t bad either!  Another month has come and gone, again.  Keeping this blog has really put a marker on how quickly life moves.  Apparently, time moves faster as you age. April Dividend Income Let’s get straight to it. This month I [...]

Money in the Trough – April Dividend Stock Purchases – 2018

Here are my dividend stock buys for April.  Still a little late, but I’m almost caught up from my family medical hiatus! The quantity of this month’s new additions is significantly more modest than my March and February dividend stock buys.  Frankly speaking, I’ve pretty much run through my 401k account [...]

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