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Money in the Trough – Best Dividend Earning Stocks I Could Find – December 2017

Below are the best dividend earning stocks I could find this month.  It’s been slim-pickings with markets continuing to move up to finish out the year.  I’m really scrapping the bottom barrel looking for decent values in companies that I need to round-out my portfolio.  Although, the companies in the [...]

November Dividend Income and Net Worth Report

Yikes, I’m really behind this month with my dividend income and net worth report.  It’s been a crazy 3 weeks where I have spent more time out of my office or home then in.  A nice change to be sure, but certainly not the most productive. November Dividend Income November [...]

Money in the Trough – Dividend Stocks I’ve Been Buying – November 2017

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I have lots of things for which to be thankful… I’m sure you do too.  Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about dividend stocks purchases.  ;) I haven’t been super active this November, but I have managed to add almost $230 in yearly forward dividend [...]

October Dividend Blog Income and Net Worth Report

As a dividend blog, I like to keep a monthly tally of my dividend income and net worth.  This serves two purposes.  First, it keeps me actively focused on my goals and second, it allows me to document my path to financial freedom.  If nothing else, hopefully my story will [...]

Money in the Trough – Dividend Stocks I’ve Bought – October 2017

Once again, I’m late to publish the dividends stocks I’ve been buying this October.  It’s been a trying month to say the least.  Anyway, in an effort to get this published today, I’ll keep this very short. It’s again been a difficult month for me to find deals in the [...]

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