Dividend Cash Record & Net Worth Report – September 2017

I’ve finally done it!  I’ve reached a dividend cash record that I’ve been working towards for years!  This month’s new dividend income report is here and I’m excited to share! September Dividend Cash Record Month I’m sure you can already tell…  I’m thrilled to report the dividend income progress I’ve [...]

August Dividend Income & Net Worth Report – 2017

August’s dividend income number is fantastic, but net worth dipped a bit as the bill on our final home improvement project came due.  As I’m sitting here writing this post on an airplane, I’m afforded some extra time to write about this dividend income and net worth report.  I’m going [...]

July Dividend Income & Net Worth Report – 2017

July’s dividend income has exploded again with the income being generated from my 401k.  Since I’ve been able to invest my 401k myself, I have added almost $3,300 in yearly forward dividend income!  Not a bad few months for this dividend investor.  Net worth on the other hand took it [...]

Monthly Dividend Income & Net Worth Report – June 2017

WOW!  I do love these big payment months.  My monthly dividend income is getting pretty respectable and net worth is beginning to climb back up. Monthly Dividend Income I’m so excited about the progress I’m making with my dividend income.  It’s my delight to report this month’s record breaking totals. [...]

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