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Dividend Investing vs. Real Estate Investing

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Investment is clearly about getting the best return possible, while reducing the risk that comes with investing, of course. Luckily, there are lots of paths that investors may choose to achieve investment success.

Of course, the two most popular investment options are: real estate and dividend stocks. What this means is that most investors are left with a slightly stressful situation where they have to decide which option is the best fit for them: dividends or real estate.

When it comes to determining which is the best option, there are varying view points on the topic, with each investor having their own opinion. Each option comes with pros and cons, but what is clear is that over a set period of time, sticking to one option rather than dipping between the two, tends to be more beneficial.

Below is a guide to dividend investing vs real estate investing.



What are the pros and cons of dividends?

One benefit of dividend stocks is that you are payed to own them, not like with real estate where you pay buy properties.

What’s also great about this kind of investment is the fact that they’re more affordable than investing in real estate, which is what makes them ideal for investors with a smaller amount of funds to invest.

However, a con is the fact that there are heavy tax considerations that come with dividend investing. This is especially true when an investor fails to use an account that’s designed to offer tax advantages, such as IRAs or ROTH. This is important as taxes that come with short-term rates cut into the total returns made.

Of course, the largest con of dividend stocks compared to real estate is the level of risk. Real estate is relatively low-risk, as the market never drops that low, which is what makes this the more popular investment for investors with a larger amount of funds at their disposal.

What are the pros and cons of real estate?

When it comes to real estate, just like dividend investing, there are a range of pros and cons that need to be considered.

One pro of real estate investment is that it makes building equity easier. If you invest in property to rent, this money is a regular guarenteed income, which means that you won’t need to worry about when your investment will next pay you.

Of course, one downside to property investment is that the income you receive tends to stay the same all the time. This is good in one way but bad in another, and other investments can offer a better influx in terms of what you are earning – to learn more, read up about fundrise reviews and have a browse of other investment advice.  

When it comes to determining what to invest in, it’s never easy to choose as there are pros and cons to each option. What it’s important to consider is what would be the best investment for you – investment is subjective, which is why considering what would be best for your needs is so crucial.

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