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Money in the Trough – August 2016 Buys

This month's purchases have been solid, long-term dividend growth stocks that we all know, trust and love.  I'm once again, having a rough time finding values in the stocks I want to own (or want to own more of at these prices).  So, here is the best of what I [...]

Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – July 2016

Not every dividend income and net worth report will be a doozy.  This happens to be one of those slow months with regards to dividend income.  However, it certainly wasn't slow with cash expenditures.  Oh boy!   Even though this month wasn't a huge rake, its still a milestone.  I [...]

Money in the Trough – July 2016 Buys

With this run-up in the stock market this month, I've had a heck of a time finding values in dividend growth stocks.  I've had a bunch of, "huh, why didn't I just buy that yesterday" moments.  Anyway, I finally had to pony up and make some purchases.  This cash isn't going to [...]

Dividend Income Report and Net Worth – June 2016

Dividend income and net worth were incredible this month!  Once again, a new personal dividend income record has been set.  I always get excited about the big four dividend income months -  March, June, September & December. Another record breaking month for dividend income.  I'm thrilled about my dividend growth progress. Let's [...]

Money in the Trough – June 2016 Buys

This little pull back has finally triggered a few buys.  Here are this month's dividend growth stock purchases. This posts will be updated throughout the month with any additional buys (I hope there are lots more!).  I will update the post the same day for any future trades made during this month (and show in [...]

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