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Money in the Trough – The Dividend Portfolio Grows Again

A great quote comes to mind when I see the market move like we have this week.  "The stock market is the only market where things go on sale, all the customers run out of the store!"  We obviously aren't where we were in late August, but we are getting some decent [...]

Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – November

After a long month of traveling (for work) I’m happy to be back at home to report on this month's dividend income and net worth.  Sadly, this month isn't anywhere close to last month's record breaking dividend income, but this month is special for another reason.   While October’s dividend [...]

How to Buy a Used Car (with Offer Calculator)

I bought a used car from a dealership for the first time last month. I have to admit, I was a little concerned about the process. Buying a used car is a big and expensive decision. Fortunately, I got really lucky and discovered a process that made buying a used [...]

September Dividend Income & Net Worth Report

This month’s net worth and dividend income report is BANANAS! Incredible number all around and I am thrilled! Lets get right to it! September’s dividend income was incredible. It truly is one for the record books (for me at least). As a point of reference, this month alone I received [...]

Car Accidents

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent for the last three weeks. It’s not that I’ve been on vacation, it's that I’ve been busy dealing with car accidents. This month has been ROUGH. First, I’m driving home from work and some guy thinks his junker is a race car [...]

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