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Money in the Trough – May 2016 Buys

In order to reach my dividend goal of earning $3,000 this year in dividend income, I need to start doing some serious investing.  While the 2016 goal is ambitious (doubling last years dividend income) it is obtainable. This is, without a doubt, the last year that I'll be able to double [...]

Dividend Income Report and Net Worth – April 2016

Even though dividend income for the month was a little lack luster, I couldn't be happier with the numbers.  Admittedly, it's because net worth turned out so incredible (thanks to the pie in the sky prices provided by zillow).  Wrapping up the four months of 2016 has provided some rather interesting surprises that [...]

Money in the Trough – April Buys

Sadly, I've had another slow month for dividend growth stock purchases.  April, as of now, has been one of the lowest dividend stock acquisition months (in terms of total amount) since I began journaling all my buys.  I've had a really difficult time finding values after this extreme market run-up during the [...]

Dividend Income Report and Net Worth – March 2016

Here is the dividend income and net worth report I’ve been itching to write.  This year is flying by, and I hit it out of the park with this month's dividend income.  March's dividend income not only sets a record for the month, but is also the highest since I started tracking!  I'm [...]

Money in the Trough – March Buys

What a fantastic month we've had so far!  These up market moves are a double edge sword for me. The market going up is wonderful, but it also means there aren't as many great values on dividend stocks to buy.  I've hesitated to make this post as I've made so few dividend growth [...]

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