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Money in the Trough and Impulse Buys

This Friday began a weekend of impulse buys that cost me almost $4,000.00.  Granted, they are all assets but talk about sliding down a spending slippery slope.  None of these buys were planned. So, the first impulse buy started off as kind of a headache.  I had previously told myself [...]

Preferred Stock Dividends And Their Role In Your Portfolio

Preferred stock and preferred stock dividends are an interesting investing strategy that can add an element of safety to your stock dividend portfolio. Preferred stock is a share of ownership in a company that is superior in line to common stock. But, preferred stock is inferior to bonds. That simply means [...]

Dividend Income Report – Half Year

So, we are half way through the year, and I’m pumped to share my dividend income report. It's only been 10 months since I modified my investing plan as a dividend growth investor, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision!  I have had actual cash deposited into my account [...]

Money in the Trough – The Dividend Portfolio Grows

I received another dividend income increase through a new purchase, and I’m excited!  Yesterday I got another one of my favorite emails… a buy limit order was placed.  Heck yeah! While this buy limit order hasn’t been in place for a long time, it has been a stock I’ve wanted since [...]

Dividend Income and Net Worth June 2015

The beloved and loathed dividend income and net worth tracking report has arrived.  It’s officially time to kick this off with a resounding… ping. As the intent of this blog is to be my dividend growth investing journey towards early retirement (AKA: Financial Independence) in only 10 years, I guess [...]

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