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Dividend Portfolio Update

The time has finally come to discuss my current dividend portfolio.  As I’m just beginning down the path of strict dividend growth investing, you will see some definite holes in the sector allocations that I have chosen to invest in initially. There haven’t been many opportunities (or I didn’t recognize the opportunities at the time) to buy these sectors at undervalued prices yet.  At the moment, the financial and pharmaceutical sectors are clearly absent from my holdings. Here is the link ...

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Do You Think of Bills In Terms Of Lost Dividend Payments? You Should!

If I offered you 275 shares of Exxonmobil (XOM), worth $24,900.00, would you take it?  I bet you would! I want to show you how I just saved the dividend equivalent of 275 shares of Exxonmobil, worth $804.00 of Exxon’s annual dividend payments in one short phone call and an Amazon order.  And, you can do the same!   Do You Rent Your Cable Modem? I live in Atlanta where Comcast rules the cable and high speed internet world.  Sure, there is AT&T (T) that offers DSL (cheaper but, way too ...

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Dividend Growth Investing

Dividend Growth Stocks – the Cornerstone of my Early Retirement Plan

After first learning of DGI (Dividend Growth Investing), I immediately realized this strategy was perfect for my investing goals and more importantly, my risk tolerance. See, I’m a pretty risk averse guy and I DO NOT LIKE losing money!  Downturns in the market makes me sick.  But with with Dividend Growth Investing, your goals change.  It’s no longer about getting lucky and buying a stock right before it doubles to quickly sell. With Dividend Growth Investing, you aren’t gambling with the ...

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The Dividend Pig New Format

Dividend Investing and Retiring Early

If you haven’t seen the update, the Dividend Pig has been refocused on dividend investing with a goal of early retirement.   You can read more about the dividend pig’s new goal here and more about the guys behind the Dividend Pig here. Hank (the financial planner) and I determined it would be wise to start at the beginning as to why I wanted to retire early.  He sent me a few questions that he thought were pertinent. Why do you want to retire early? While on a business trip last ...

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