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Preparing Your Portfolio for Greater Volatility

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average flirting with 18,000 it may seem untimely to consider the possibility that greater volatility might visit the equity markets. But volatility is often what follows record markets. That means now is the perfect time to begin preparing your portfolio for greater volatility. What are some strategies to do that? Shift Into Safe Investments This does not mean you have to begin a wholesale conversion of equity investments into fixed income securities. But it is an ...

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How to Start a Gold IRA

With several dangers to the stock market looming, gold is once again becoming an attractive investment. In this post, we look at some of the issues currently plaguing the stock market. We’ll also see how gold can help protect your portfolio from losses, and how to start a gold IRA (Investment Retirement Account).   Issues Investors Should Be Concerned About Oil One of the newest issues that could become a danger to the stock market is oil. On Thanksgiving Day, OPEC (Organization of Petroleum ...

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Piggy Bank

The Path to Financial Independence: Saving vs. Investing

Being financially independent isn’t necessarily the same as being wealthy, but they do go hand in hand. Financial independence generally means having enough money to pay for basic life necessities (e.g., food and water, housing, utilities, clothing, education, etc.) without having to actively work for it. Wealth, which implies having more than enough money for both luxuries and basic life necessities, cannot be attained without financial independence. Everyone wants to be wealthy, but anyone who’s ...

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Understanding Dividend Growth Rate and Dividend Yield of a Stock

I love dividend paying stocks. They pay you to wait on their share prices to grow with dividends. A company’s dividend growth rate is a good proxy for how much their share price should also grow. A company’s share price is the present value of all its future cash flows (dividends) according to classic finance theory. So, a simple way to look at it is that a company who is increasing its dividends by 3% to 5% each year should see its share price of its common stock growing at approximately ...

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