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Apple to Offer Dividend in 2012?

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Apple May Offer Significant Dividend in 2012

Ummm…how great would that be? Could apple become a Dividend Aristocrat?

Overall, I would say no, since it operates in the fast paced world of consumer tech. Remember how popular Blackberry was a few years ago?

Still, this is interesting….

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  1. Going by Apple’s philosophy of thinking different, I doubt it. But would be interesting if they do announce dividends.

  2. Hmm, something to keep an eye on.

    This would be especially good news for early investors. They’re sitting on huge gains and may also be getting cash distributions on top of that. Good for them.

  3. Hey Dividend Pig,
    Short but interesting article LOL 🙂 Well tech stocks generally don’t pay dividends, and I can’t see Apple starting now. Cisco’s recent dividend is hardly worth being even categorized as a dividend, and Intel is an incredible exception.

    What I found more interesting in the article is the fact that of recent times, companies which pay back dividends to shareholders are doing far better than companies that don’t pay dividends. Intersting isn’t it? 🙂

    The Dividend Ninja