Dividend Stocks that are Interest Rate Sensitive are Underperforming

Dividend stocks which are tied to interest rates have been trading under pressure in the U.S. despite a rally in the broader U.S. markets.  Interest rate sensitive stocks such as Utilities and Real-estate Investment Trusts (REITs), are declining so their yields can compete with treasury yields.  In the week during [...]

The State of the Dollar: Room for Concern or Time to Buy?

2016 has proven to be a tumultuous year in terms of the political stage and the markets. Whether referring to the weakness of the ECC, the Brexit vote or uncertainty in regards to the United States economy, there is no doubt that this time period will be scrutinized well into [...]

Credit Ratings Really Do Matter

Credit ratings seem to be a pretty big deal whether you’re an individual or a company – or for that matter, a country. Take the UK, for instance, whose creditworthiness recently received a bit of a slap in the face. Just last month Standard and Poor’s (S&P), the last of [...]

How to Start a Gold IRA

With several dangers to the stock market looming, gold is once again becoming an attractive investment. In this post, we look at some of the issues currently plaguing the stock market. We’ll also see how gold can help protect your portfolio from losses, and how to start a gold IRA [...]

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