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February Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2021

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Another amazing month for the stock market and it’s lovely inflating of my net worth.  Dividend income is growing but dividend raises are a little light as compared to the last 2 years.

February Dividend Income

This month I received $1,707.00 in dividend income!  On average, I was paid $37.93 from 45 different companies!  This month’s dividend income is a respectable 13.8% increase over February 2020.
That’s $207.31 more dividend income than last February!  I’ll take it!

Dividend Income - February 2021

Here is a chart of my passive dividend income progress over the last 5 years.

The dividend portfolio has been updated.

Here are the dividend stock purchases I’ve made between February 2020 and 2021 that have added to this dividend income growth.

February’s dividend income covers all my utilities, food and insurance for the month!

February Dividend Growth (Dividend Increases)

Here are the realized dividend increases I earned this February.  Dividend growth is one of my favorite metrics to report.  This month we are continuing to see a return to normal with some decent growth!

This February I received 8 dividend increases! Four of the dividend increases were over 10%!

Dividend Increases - February 2021

February’s dividend increase adds a good $48.05 in annual dividend income. These 8 dividend increases are the equivalent of investing an extra $1,372.86 of new money at 3.5% yield!  Again, that isn’t bad!

February Dividend Cuts (Dividend Decreases)

Below are the realized dividend decreases I had this February… all cuts suck – there’s no downplaying it!

Dividend Cuts - February 2021

This month I received 1 dividend decrease!  This sums up to $18.86 of lost dividend income this period!  That’s the equivalent of loosing $538.86 instead of investing it at a 3.5% yield.

The total net dividend INCREASE for February was ($29.19 [increase – decrease]).  Next month, March, is the big month for increases!

Net Worth

The market lit a fire under net worth this month!

Let’s do the numbers…



As you can see, this was a big spending month for us!  We went a little crazy on home goods and bought a new mattress and bed.  Nothing crazy extravagant, but we searched around a lot and found the best value/style/quality was from Costco (the bed is fantastic – definitely worth the money).  We also bought a very expensive gift for our (not so) little one this month too.  It’s a fancy tablet for school, drawing and fun!  We also purchased that from Costco.  Apparently, we gave Costco an extra $2,500 bucks this month and they gave use 3 things – decent trade.

Real Estate

Nothing new going on here.  With winter coming to an end, our electricity bills should start to decline.  In February our electricity bill (for most of the month) was $143 and our gas bill was $86.  A total of almost $230 to power our home this month… ugh.  I’m surprised at how high our home costs were this month.

Our rental is doing great and still receiving rent checks on time!


February’s dividend income was great.  And most importantly, I’m in a great position to continue to grow my dividend income as my expenses have come down and my dividend income continues to rise.  I would say our dividend snowball is probably close to the size of VW bug now.  The goal is to grow the snowball to a large elephant – then stop working, and eat that elephant forever. Metaphorically of course.

Net worth is blowing up (but it really doesn’t matter). I’m up a little over 220k from March last year… which is crazy and a little unbelievable.  I will continue to save as much as possible and putting as much money to work as I can.  I hope you do too!

I'm a dividend growth investor who is aiming to retire early in 4 years at the age of 45. My goal is to live off the income my dividend portfolio and rental property produce exclusively and leave the corporate rat race. I hope you will join me in this journey!


  1. Quite a nice payment for month of feb,normally those kind of numbers are seen on quarter end. T is also my biggest dividend Payer.

    • Blake

      Thanks SDG! It’s been a journey and has taken about 6 years… but I think the portfolio is getting there. I’ve only got a handful more of companies to add 😉 Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Great to see your journey so far and the dividend machine at work- Gives me so much motivation for my portfolio as I’m just starting out, coming up to a year in May 2021.

    All the best!

    • Blake

      Thanks DS! I checked-out your blog… great job and keep up the good work! I see you live on an island… with only 5k people on the whole island! That is awesome! You should really include some lifestyle pictures with – what it’s like to live on an island in the middle of the ocean type posts! Cost of living and the type of work people do would be very interesting to read as well.