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Personal Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – May 2017

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May was an incredible month for my personal dividend income and a kick in the face for net worth.  The new money that I’ve invested in dividend growth stocks the last few months is really starting to make an impact.

Personal Dividend Income

I mentioned in my last report that slow months can be difficult to keep motivated. Graphing and charting were extremely important to keep focused.  Well, that wasn’t necessary this month… this month’s personal dividend income results did everything I need to keep me full engaged.

Full disclaimer, the reason for this month’s huge growth wasn’t because I’ve been picking the worlds most amazing dividend stocks that have doubled their dividends since last year.  A big portion of the growth is from capital I’ve put to work now that I can control my 401k holdings.

Let’s get to it.

This month, I received $305.86 in dividend income.  On average, I was paid $11.32 from 27 different companies (really, 26 companies and 1 preferred shares fund)!  This month’s dividend income statement shows a tremendous 120.69% increase over last May.

Dividend Income - May 2017

This month’s dividend covers my: cell phone, internet, electricity, water and gas.  That’s all of my “utilities” (internet is a utility right?)

Here is a chart of my passive dividend income progress over the last 2 years.

The dividend portfolio has been updated.

Net Worth

This month the net worth really took it on the chin.  While I hate showing all the red, it’s real life and it’s unpredictable.  Sadly, no sugar coating can make this report better.

Let’s do the numbers…


Our never-ending home improvement project reared its ugly head again this month.  We enlisted some help to wrap-up some of the minor finishing work.  This set us back almost 800 bucks.  Plus, we spent another $400ish on a construction dumpster to get rid of all the “yard art” (Aka: construction trash) from our big renovation project.

It will be worse next month.  We are currently picking out paint colors and will have our house painted next month.  This is going to be a ridiculously huge expense.  But, that’s why we saved the cash.  However, it isn’t taking nearly as long to spend it as it did to save it.  Funny how that works.


Real Estate

As you may have noticed, my primary home declined in value by $50,000 this month.  Yikes!

So, what had happened was… I am in the process of refinancing my home and had an appraisal done.  Well, it turns out that while Zillow thinks my house is worth almost $650,000 and I think my house is worth $565,000 the professional who has the inside scoop, and who did some actual market research, says it has a current value of $515,000.

The report showed recent local sales of some similar sized homes in our area.  Obviously, I’m disappointed that it didn’t appraise higher (I do think it would sell for more). However, I would rather use accurate data in my report and be surprised on the upside then disappointed on the downside when it comes time to sell the house.

This is a great segue. I’m refinancing my house.  Here’s why.  After doing some math, I discovered I was able to do three awesome things by refinancing now.  First, I was able to lower my interest rate by over a full point!  I hadn’t gotten around to refinancing during the super low rate times.   Second, I am reducing the length of my mortgage by 8 years by refinancing to a 15 year term mortgage.  Third, since I’m a wheeling and dealing machine and got lots of quotes (which is always a good idea), I am only paying a little over a thousand dollars in financing costs.

Oh, yeah, and since I’ve been paying extra on my mortgage for so long, my monthly mortgage expense doesn’t change at all.  I’ll be paying the same monthly mortgage payment, but an extra 200+ a month will be going to principal.  I’ll recoup the refinancing cost within the first six months.  Not a bad deal!

On the rental side, life is good.  Once again, there were no problems and everyone paid on time!


So my net worth dropped a substantial amount, but I try not to dwell on the negative.  I’ll be a millionaire again (maybe next time a real one), it will just take a bit more time.  On an high note, my dividend income is going to continue to grow like crazy for the next few months.  These 120% personal dividend income monthly YOY gains will be common place for the next year.  It’s an exciting position to be in and I’m very grateful.



I'm a dividend growth investor who is aiming to retire early in 6 years at the age of 45. My goal is to live off the income my dividend portfolio and rental property produce exclusively and leave the corporate rat race. I hope you will join me in this journey!


  1. Pig –

    Nice overall month, killer on the dividends. As with the real estate – no sweat on that and it’ll be volatile based on who you talk to haha, only really way to know is if you go to sell it : ) I would imagine, based on that adjustment, your June will be a true version of what impact your networth goes through.


    • Blake

      Hi Lanny,

      Yes, June should be GREAT. Without a doubt, that will be a record breaking month! As for the house, I’m not too concerned. The appraisal didn’t make a difference in terms of my refinance, so its really just a number. You’re right, i’ll find out the true value when its time to sell.

      As always, great to hear from you!

    • Blake

      Thanks IH! Putting all that money to work over the last few months is finally starting to pay off. The growth is exciting!

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

    • Blake

      Hi TITM. I can’t either right now, though, I would much rather not be as dependent on the internet as I am.

      Thanks for dropping in and saying hi!

  2. Awesome report Dividend Pig. One question though. I noticed that OHI was listed twice for the same date for two different amounts. I’m not sure if that was an oversight, or maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

    In any case, it sounds like you’re in a great position for future year-to-year increases in your dividend portfolio. It sucks your real estate appraised for less than you were expecting, but it’s still not a bad report overall.

    For example, I made all of $2.85 in my dividend portfolio in May. I’m just starting out of course, but hopefully one day I can have a portfolio the size of yours.

    Looking forward to more reports.

    • Blake

      Hi DP,

      Oops, I might have missed that. I own a few of the stocks in 2 or 3 different accounts and normally combine them into one payment for the report.

      Congratulations on starting the blog and focusing on your dividend income. Obviously, I’m a bit biased, but I think you’re doing the right thing. My first reports were in the single digits as well… it just takes time. Keep at it!

      I look forward to following your journey!