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Weekly Reading Links for Financial Literacy

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Weekly Reading LinksIn case you missed it, November is Financial Literacy Month for Canadians. This national media campaign was spearheaded by Glenn Cooke, of LifeInsuranceCanada.com. Yesterday on November 15th, all thirty-five bloggers who took part published their best financial tip.

My tip here on the Dividend Pig was why you should avoid mutual funds.

It’s that time of the week again, with my favourite links from the Financial Literacy campaign. This is a different focus than the usual dividend articles. Instead I’m focusing on important financial lessons we all need to be reminded of.

Check out these great reads from around the web for Financial Literacy!

Why You Should Start Investing Now! @ Dividend Ninja

Are You Invested in Mutual Funds? @ Avrex Money

Budgeting is the Key to Financial Success! @ Finance Fox

Big Surprise! My Best Financial Tip is… (Get out of debt) @ Blonde on a Budget

Best Financial Tip: Maximize Your TFSA @ The Loonie Bin

Best Financial Tip: Make More Money @ Boomer and Echo

My Best Financial Tip: Pay Off Debt @ Canadian Finance Blog

My Best Financial Tip (Pay yourself first) @ My Own Advisor

My Best Financial Tip (Don’t spend more than you have) @ Self-Help Happiness Blog

As Jim Yih points out in his Best Financial Tips for Balance Junkie, just choose one Financial Tip that resonates with you, and act on it. In other words, just do it!

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂


  1. Solid list. It was nice to see as many Canadian blogs participating in this.