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3M: A Diversified and Stable Company Waiting for a Pullback

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3M Company (NYSE: MMM) is a diversified technology company with a presence around the world. The company divides its businesses into 6 operating segments:

1. Industrial and Transportation
2. Health Care
3. Display and Graphics
4. Consumer and Office
5. Safety, Security and Protection Services
6. Electro and Communications.

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  1. Based on the chart, their earnings per share looks great, and they came through the recession with cash flow (last year) and now they’re starting to invest it (this year). I’d need to research 3M further before making a statement on it, but a rising EPS is always a good sign.

  2. Good article. I would also wait for the low eighties. We can’t forget that it went from about $96 to $40 during the latest crash. It is not immune to very slow economies. Could be a “sticky” situation. 🙂

    • Thanks Michel. I watched it during the crash, and only wish I had more money, because so many stocks were trading at great prices. MMM in the $40’s is a fire sale.