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December Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2019

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Happy New Year!  2019 has been a heck of a year with plenty to celebrate.  December marks a new record high for dividend income and net worth – I’m excited to share.  On top of that, I’ve wrapped up the year with some pretty remarkable results in debt reduction, dividend income and net worth growth.

December Dividend Income

This month I received $2,515.20 in dividend income!  On average, I was paid $34.45 from 73 different companies!!  This month’s dividend income is a great 45% increase over December 2108.
That’s $780.60 more dividend income than last December!

Dividend Income - December 2019

Here is a chart of my passive dividend income progress over the last 5 years.

The dividend portfolio has been updated.

Here are the dividend stock purchases I’ve made between December 2018 and 2019 that have fueled this dividend income growth.

December’s dividend income covers a lot and for the first time, my dividends pay for my MORTGAGE!

December Dividend Growth (Dividend Increases)

Here are the realized dividend increases I received this December.  Dividend growth is a very important part of my early retirement and is one of my favorite metrics to report!

This December I received 10 dividend increases and 3 of those dividend increases were over 10%!

Dividend Increases - December 2019

December’s dividend increase adds $71.71 in annual dividend income! December’s dividend increases are the equivalent of investing an extra $2,048.86 of new money at 3.5% yield!

2019 Dividend Income Wrap-up

2019 was a fantastic year for dividend income.  The growth has been striking thanks to new money added and reinvesting dividends received.

This year I received a total of $18,160.63 in dividend income!  This is a healthy increase of 39.09% over 2018 total income of $13,057.19.  I add a little over $5,000 of new dividend income this year!

As far as dividend growth is concerned, I received $937.82 in dividend increases in 2019!  That’s roughly a  5.45% dividend growth rate for the year!  Put another way, the $937.82 of cash earned from dividend increases in 2019 alone is the equivalent of investing $26,794.86 of new money at a 3.5% yield!  That is the power of dividend growth investing!

Net Worth

Net worth continued to climb the mountain.

Let’s do the numbers…

Net Worth Report - December 2019


Cash took a little bit of a hit this month.  I must admit, life style inflation is a bit*h and we went a little overboard this Christmas.

First, our little piglet got a rather expensive gaming system and then I seriously doubled down and spent a ridiculous amount of money on a used triathlon bike.  However, I do want to point out  (and attempt to justify this unjustifiable purchase) that I got this used bike at a little over 60% off retail which is a massive deal.  Anyway, I spent a lot of cash on a bike that I plan to keep for life and allow me to achieve some new PRs.

Real Estate

Our rental house was uneventful again this month… which is great news.  We are going to ask our property manager to do anther walk through of the home this year to make sure everything is tidy and clean.

2019 Net Worth Wrap-up

I went through this exercise last year and was encourage by the results, so I figured I would repeat this year… and wow I’m glad I did.  The progress made in 2019 has been incredible, thank you bull market!

As you can see in the spreadsheet below, my net worth has grown by a bit over $213,000 in 2019!

Lets break that down a bit.

Roughly 30k of this growth came from debt reduction.  And another 30k in property value appreciation on the rental.   Almost 200k of 2019 growth came from my investment accounts which is thanks to the bull market, adding new money, dividend growth and selling existing mutual funds assets and investing them into dividend stocks.  I had no idea I experienced this kind of growth this  year until I did this report.  If you haven’t done a yearly progress report yet, DO IT!  It really is eye opening!


There was nothing but good news this year, which is a big change from the 2018 wrap-up. In 2019 I plan to keep walking the dividend investing path and hope to build on this year’s successes.  I suspect we will again look for a new home that is better suited to our family size and needs.  Selling our home and finding a new home (downsizing) will allow us to eliminate our mortgage and sure-up our path to early retirement.  Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

I'm a dividend growth investor who is aiming to retire early in 6 years at the age of 45. My goal is to live off the income my dividend portfolio and rental property produce exclusively and leave the corporate rat race. I hope you will join me in this journey!


  1. DP –

    What a year you had! Also, over 70+ companies paid you in December? HOLY… SMOKES. Time to make 2020 even better.


    • Blake

      Thanks Lanny! Yeah, lots of paychecks in December… Onward and upward!

  2. Great stuff here and real inspirational! Looking at your growth, I’m about a year behind you and it keeps my focus up!
    Keep it up!
    – John

    • Blake

      Thanks John! Keep it up, I pretty sure we’re on the right path!