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Money in the Trough – Investing A LOT in Dividend Stocks – February 2018

You know how some people eat when they get stressed, well, apparently I stress buy dividend stocks!  Once again, because of an EXTREMELY STRESSFUL family emergency, I’m late to post my February dividend stock purchases (we were in the hospital). I have to admit, I didn’t realize I spent this [...]

Investing – The Most Accessible Path To True Wealth

First, let me define how I view “True Wealth”. For me, true wealth is the ability to live your life in anyway you please.  It’s the liberty, purpose and resources to live a fulfilling life with the sense of abundance.  True wealth goes way beyond money, but today I’m going [...]

January Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

You may have noticed this dividend income and net worth report is coming out a month late.  Sadly, my family had a really rough February and I was extremlly busy (mostly at the hospital) for about 3 weeks.  I’ll go into more detail in my February report, but i’ll cut [...]

Money in the Trough – Buying Some Higher Yields – January 2018

Wow, this month came and went pretty quickly.  Below are the dividend stocks I purchased this month.  You’ll see that i’ve been buying some higher yields this month. This is somewhat of an extension from last month, when I also added some more REITs. Clearly not been the best strategy [...]

If I weren’t an Individual Stock Dividend Investor – ETF’s Would be My Game

Forget the stark mad, screaming pundits on financial TV shows squawking about the hottest gainers of the moment. Forget chasing the latest headline capturing investment trend — I’m looking at you Bitcoin. Think your going to make millions playing Rocket League? Forget even the fantasy of cashing in that winning Powerball [...]

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