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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Dividend Stocks

There are plenty of benefits of investing in dividend stocks, but there’s a common misconception that dividend stocks are too confusing, unpredictable and boring to warrant serious consideration for novice and conservative investors alike. However, research from the Financial Analysts Journal suggests that high dividend-paying stocks are less risky and [...]

June Dividend Income and Net Worth Report – 2018

The first half of the year is gone… crazy how quickly time moves these days.  Being a dividend growth investor that tracks everything really does put a daily timestamp on life. It really makes you to see time flying by (or maybe I’m just getting older). Anyway, this month’s dividend [...]

Money in the Trough – July Dividend Stock Purchases – 2018

I hope everyone had a nice mid week (4th of July or Canada Day) holiday!  Mine was fantastic.  We had some great family time – ate hamburgers, hot dogs and drank beer.  Really, what else do you need? I thought I would get my monthly dividend stock purchases post out [...]

Financial Independence – 6 Pathways to Retire Early

According to Gallup research, the average American expects to retire by 66 years old. However, many of us dream of winning the lottery or somehow making enough money to stop working much sooner than that. This dream is known as financial independence, or the ability to live off of investments [...]

Money in the Trough – June Dividend Stock Purchases – 2018

Here are the dividend stocks I’ve purchased so far this June. While the totals are a fraction of my buys in February, March, April and May of this year, I’m very happy with the average yield.  I’ve pretty much exhausted all the extra cash I had in my 401k account. [...]

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