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How To Successfully Protect Your SME In 2021

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With digitization, crime on the Internet and in our online investing accounts is also increasing. Small companies are also affected, not just the large one. Yes, it is known that four in ten companies with fewer than 50 employees have already been affected by an attack, a study concludes. There is no such thing as one hundred percent security but there are four measures that could significantly reduce the risk – and hardly cost any effort or money. This includes having adequate insurance. The best small business insurance is waiting for you and you should make sure that you take note. Nobody is immune from attacks on their company. In addition to this, you must also consider:

1. Secure passwords

Passwords should have 12 digits mixed with numbers and special characters. And a different password should be used for each service. How do you keep track of things? Under no circumstances do passwords belong on open documents on the computer or on a piece of paper stuck to the screen as we see in some smaller business offices.

2. Regular updates

Updates not only improve the functions of the programs. Therefore updates should always be carried out. If you have data management run by a professional team, then this can certainly be good.

3. Regular back-ups

All data should be saved to an external data carrier at least once a week. This can limit the damage if hackers encrypt the systems. However, it should be ensured that the backups also work. And that the external data storage devices are not connected to the network – otherwise they are of no use.

4. Detection of malware

Phishing emails are an important way for hackers to break into the systems of companies or private individuals. In doing so, they feign legitimate intent and instruct the recipient to click on a link or open an attachment. Before you do that, you should check the email address first. If the email address behind the legitimate name consists of a jumble of letters and numbers, it is almost certainly not a real person.

Not all phishing attempts can be prevented in this way. Some malicious programs are also hidden in application documents that are barely recognizable. Telephone connections can also be faked these days. But the biggest thing is to be alert and aware of these attacks.

Non-digital attacks

Some non-digital attacks may be to the business itself. Fire in the property, damage to your goods etc. In this instance you may need to install CCTV or look at some camera equipment to ensure that your office is secure. Hire security guards if you need to, but above all make sure that your goods are stored in secure locations and that any theft can be prevented. Deterrents such as fake CCTV can also help. You don’t want to risk paying out a fortune because you didn’t properly secure your company. The world is becoming more dangerous and in 2021, you need to be fully prepared! If not, you could lose your reputation also.

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