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Is Investing In Luxury Real Estate Worth It?

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Villas, hotels, castles, mansions – Real Estate is a booming market. Acquirers have the advantage of having a considerable investment portfolio and the offer is becoming more and more abundant. Investing in luxury real estate allows you to register very significant margins. You may want to look at premium real estate properties.

What is luxury real estate

The answer to this question is relative, especially since prices differ from one country to another. Indeed, the quality, rarity or exclusivity of a good property is vital. According to Christie’s international real estate agency network, the average price of a property is $1.8 million. Luxury real estate is characterized by the offer of exclusive services and stands out for the quality of the material. This also includes the location. Qualification criteria vary from country to country. Big cities like Paris, NewYork, London, Miami, Hong Kong are prime locations to find luxury real estate. The prices vary according to each city or the economic pole. The solutions for investing in luxury real estate are becoming innumerable on the market. It is therefore more time than ever to get started in luxury real estate.

Why invest in luxury real estate: some main reasons

The location of choice
Luxury real estate has the notable advantage of having a quality location. Architectural and heritage protection, prestigious real estate are located in protected areas. It is the privileged location for buyers with strong purchasing power. The quality of the materials and their age (moldings, old parquet, or fireplace, etc.) make properties located in protected areas a considerable attraction. In addition, the renovation works are carried out by skilled craftsmen and are supervised by a client or an architect. The quality of the work is satisfactory and allows the investor to easily resell the renovated property. To obtain a considerable real estate capital gain, it is advisable not to overpay the real estate. A comparison between the price of new and the property to be rehabilitated in the sector will allow the investor to buy their property at the right price. In addition, the location must be an overriding criterion for investing in luxury real estate. The investor must choose to invest in the rehabilitation of properties located in popular neighborhoods. Or in economic development poles in order to ensure the increase in the value of their property over the years.

Surround yourself with prestigious real estate experts

The web makes it possible to make a simple, secure and fast investment, but traditional methods continue to prove their worth. Real estate agencies are specialized in the niche of exceptional real estate. Knowing perfectly their local market, prices, size and dynamism of supply and demand, they are able to deliver tailor-made advice to investors. In many cases, these luxury real estate experts also offer their services in tax assistance, in setting up a financing file. Complete support, guaranteeing the success of the operation. The investor must, however, have made the tour of their project. And must clearly define the available budget and also master their financing plan.

Following this, calling on the services of a real estate agency specializing in luxury is greatly facilitated.

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