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Why You Should Sell Your Georgia House in 2019 to an iBuyer

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The internet is changing life in a myriad of ways. We can order groceries from the comfort of our sofa, make real time stock purchases for $0.30, and transfer money from our checking account to our savings during a television commercial break. The online platform is also changing the way people sell homes. In Georgia, where median home values have recently risen by more than 8 percent, the idea of a quick, hassle-free sale to an iBuyer is appealing—so much so that the concept of iBuying has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry.

What Is an iBuyer?

An iBuyer refers to a company that buys houses directly from the homeowners. There are no agents involved. The seller doesn’t have to list the home or show it to potential home buyers. Rather than listing the property on the real estate market, they contact an iBuyer and provide the company with some relevant information about the home like its location (zip code), age, and its condition. The iBuyer will examine data in reference to the type of home in question and its location and make an evaluation on the property’s value.

Then, the iBuyer presents the home’s seller with their cash offer. The seller can either accept or decline the offer. They aren’t under an obligation to sell at this point. If they choose to accept the iBuyer’s offer, they’ll get the cash from the sale within a short period of time—usually a few days but sometimes it may take a few weeks depending on the home’s closing date. The seller is then free of the house and doesn’t have to worry about listing or marketing it, and they can use their cash to purchase another home or whatever they wish.

The Benefits of Selling to an iBuyer

One of the key benefits of selling your home to an iBuyer is the speed with which a deal can be had. For sellers who already have another home in mind, that fast cash is a benefit that’s hard to overlook. Sellers don’t have the stress of trying to show their home and stage it in an attempt to entice a buyer.

Some sellers worry that an iBuyer won’t pay as much as they want for their home, but again, the seller always has the option to deny the deal. They don’t have to sell if they don’t fancy the iBuyer’s offer. Naturally, the iBuyer is hoping to make some profit just as a real estate agent requires to generate some income too.

Georgia Real Estate Market

According to many online real estate companies, the Georgia real estate market is experiencing increases in home property values. The median price for home sales is $190,800. Experts believe those values are likely to increase in the next year by at least another four percent. Overall, the real estate market is thriving and there are some really great deals on houses for sale in Georgia this year —and that’s incredibly attractive to homeowners looking to change their scenery and sell their home for a new one – a trade-in if you will.

If you want to sell your home but are dreading the frustrations that often accompany the selling process, consider offering your Georgia home in sale to an iBuyer. You might find that this exciting option is ideal for you.


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